Important Things For Preparation Of IIT-JEE

Important Things For Preparation Of IIT-JEE

Now,the students of Class XII will be required to appear for the Board exams and then those who wish to go to engineering will have to face the entrance examinations JEE.

 In India, IIT is Indian Institute of Technology is very reputed and to get admission in it there is entrance exam is equally important named JEE i.e. Joint Entrance Exam.  

The exam is conducted for all IITs across the country.  There is increasing competition and hardship as accessibility is limited and there is more demand.  There are millions of students all over the country, while there are seats in the country of around 9,500, so the selection process is very rigorous.  This renowned institution of the country offers international education which is why its quality of education is high.  Here are some guiding points to ‘Crack‘ exams of this organization-

 1. Preparing any subject from the ground up is an unquestionable achievement.So, when preparing for this exam, think from this elementary level.In brief at first focus on ‘Basic‘.

 2.While preparing a question, never look for a ready answer.  Learn to ponder that question first.  If you spend a lot of time and can’t find an answer, just look at the answer and verify where it went.  This will enable progress to reach the answer.Try to the last limit of your efforts before opening the ‘solution page’.

 3. Don’t jump from one question to another.  Do not leave any questions in half.  Many people have a habit of hurrying.

 4.Understand what is asked in the course of the question. Many people have the habit of read the question and  answer it rapidly ,but rather than it , practice  solving the question by keeping a ‘conceptual approach’.

 5.Time management plays an important role in practicing this exam. Schedule time by dividing the total curriculum.
When practicing, keep a close eye on the curriculum before starting the case.

 6. At least 50 to 60 questions should be handled on each case, but do not waste time on those questions which are not of good quality.

 7.Instead of imitating others,make your own ‘startergy‘ because all have different thoughts and way of thinking.

 8.Focus on understanding the concepts rather than simply reciting it directly.

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