The Ups And Downs Of The Startup Area

The Ups And Downs Of The Startup Area

The economics of the technology industry have recently taken a big leap.  In the last few days, this field has produced many notable professional mathematics.  Some streams came out of it.  The recent trend in the race of these companies is showing that the pricing trend and the huge fall in comparison and then the sale of the company which has to be sold at a very low rate.  It has recently become clear that companies being worth more dollars do not necessarily mean success.There can be many ups and downs in startup .Let’s get known about them …

In 2016 the ShopClues company valued of 1.1 billion dollars get sold in less than 10 crore dollars.The e-teller from Singapore purchased it in November.  ShopClues was raised on more than 25.7 crore dollars  in funding from Singapore’s GIC, Tiger Global, Helion Venture Partners and Nexus Venture Partners.  However, he faced many problems.  It was a conflict between its founders.  Plus you’ll face huge competition from Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and Paytm Mall.

Oyo’s turnaround in this kind of event, however, was eye-opening.  Oyo Hotels & Homes , which was backed by SoftBank, had to see many ups and downs in 2018, but it expanded aggressively around the world.  Founder Ritesh Agarwal also raised his share by 30 % by taking loan of 2 billion dollar and raised his capital.
The company made a $ 10 billion deal.  This was two times higher than last year’s Oyo valuation.  Not only did the company expand into Europe, it also had 5 property transactions in the United States.  He purchased the Hutters Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.  But the last half of last year was hostile to them.  They faced a revolt of hotel owners in India and China.  The Oyo recently made a temporary cut to 500 employees. 

Digital services in the grocery store have grown exponentially.  There are about 1.20 crores grocery stores in India.  More and more startups are starting to serve the sector.  These services are being offered extensively for digitization of accounts and improving the supply chain.  The start-up companies, which have started focusing on grocery stores, have raised more than 26 crore dollars in 2019 funds.  In 2018, the fund was worth 7 crore dollars.  They included Okcredit,  KhataBook and Elasticrun.

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